Specialty Application Serum

Foetal Bovine Serum – Sterile (Ultra Low IgG)

New Zealand Origin

Bovogen Biologicals’ Foetal Bovine Serum (NZ origin) is manufactured in our fully validated sterile filtration facility, under strict GMP conditions. Our serum follows a control flow process aligned to the following;


  • Validated Aseptic Sterile Filtration Suite
  • Closed loop filtration train*
  • Triple 0.1μm Sterile Filtration Process
  • Homogenising Bio-container System
  • Integrated filling lines and aseptic dispensing system

(*) The closed loop filtration train employed is fully disposable, to ensure that all product contact parts are only used once.


The analytical testing performed on Bovogen Biologicals FBS is performed by suitably qualified and certified external laboratories and test results are reported on the Certificates of Analysis.


General Description

Bovogen Foetal Bovine Serum – Ultra Low IgG has had the IgG removed using a proprietary chromatographic process. Important to this product is that the serum retains its cellular viability and biological growth promoting activity.


Our sterile FBS is manufactured in a closed loop system to provide a final product with low endotoxin and haemoglobin levels. The process is monitored from blood collection to sterile filtration (3 x 0.1µm) in a fully validated and dedicated filtration facility to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained.


Unique Specification

Test: Total IgG
Method: ELISA
Units: ug/ml
Specification: < 0.5


Raw Material Origin

New Zealand origin raw serum is collected from registered export abattoirs under the supervision of Government Veterinary authorities. In line with our quality systems, the origin of Bovogen FBS is fully traceable and is supported by the availability of full collection and manufacturing records.


Bovogen New Zealand FBS origin is uniquely and fully traceable, so we can guarantee our origin.



Clear amber liquid.



  • where reduced levels of IgG are required
  • cell culture and protein purification applications where naturally occurring levels of IgG are too high
  • antibody production


Testing Information






Contact Bovogen for a Product Specification Sheet 


Certificate of Suitability

Bovogen Biologicals New Zealand Origin FBS has a Certificate of Suitability (RO CEP 2007-361-Rev 02) from the European Directorate of Quality Medicines (EDQM).



A Certificate of Analysis is supplied with all FBS orders. A Certificate of Origin is available on request.


Storage and Handling

Product is shipped and stored at -15 to -40°C.


Ordering Information

Contact Bovogen Biologicals regarding availability.

Product Information

Product: Sterile Foetal Bovine Serum

– Ultra Low IgG^

Code: SFBS-IgG

Origin: New Zealand#

Unit Size: 500ml

Shelf Life*: 5 years

Grade: Premium


(^) Triple 0.1μm filtered and complies with FDA regulations 21 CFR 211.72
(#) Manufactured in Australia
(*) Expiration date shall be five (5) years from the month of manufacture

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