Specialty Products

Bovine Haemoglobin Powder

Bovogen Biologicals’ bovine haemoglobin powder is a lyophilised premium grade product that is ideal for use in applications within the veterinary, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.


Raw Material Origin

Manufactured from the red blood cell fraction of animals of 100% Australian origin that have undergone veterinary ante- and post-mortem inspection and have been approved for human consumption.



Fine, dark-red coloured powder.



Applications for Bovine Haemoglobin Powder include:


  • Colouring agent for pet foods
  • Natural source of iron for nutraceuticals
  • Protein source for non-ruminant animals
  • Raw material for pharmaceutical porphyrin derivative production.



A Certificate of Compliance is supplied with all orders. A Certificate of Origin is also available on request.


Storage and Handling

This product is shipped and stored at ambient temperature.


Ordering Information

Contact Bovogen Biologicals regarding availability.

Product Information

Product: Bovine Haemoglobin Powder (Lyophilised)

Code: FDBH

Origin: Australia

Unit Size: 1kg, 10kg

Shelf Life: 3 years

Grade: Premium


Minimum order for export is 10kgs