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Bovine Fibrinogen

Fibrinogen is a protein involved in the blood clotting pathway. Bovine Fibrinogen is used in culture media, diagnostic assays, serology and medical haemostasis products.


Bovogen Biologicals’ highly purified bovine fibrinogen is a premium grade reagent manufactured from the plasma of Australian bovine animals, using a proprietary process. Bovogen Biologicals’ bovine fibrinogen is ideal for a variety of applications requiring a product of high protein purity in combination with excellent clottability and stability, both on dry storage and following reconstitution.


Raw Material Origin

Manufactured from the plasma of animals of 100% Australian origin that have undergone veterinary ante- and post-mortem inspection and have been approved for human consumption.



Fluffy white lyophilized powder.



Applications for bovine Fibrinogen include:


  • Reagent in Baird Parker microbiological media for Staphylococcus aureus identification
  • Reagent for routine blood clotting in Serology laboratories
  • General research reagent
  • Reagent in fibrin glue products
  • Bioengineering scaffolding applications

Testing Information



(+) Bovine viruses only

Contact Bovogen for a Product Specification Sheet 


Certificate of Suitability

Bovogen Biologicals’ Fibrinogen has a Certificate of Suitability (RO CEP 2009-385-Rev 00) from the European Directorate of Quality Medicines (EDQM).



A Certificate of Analysis is supplied with all orders. A Certificate of Origin is available on request.


Storage and Handling

Product is shipped at ambient temperature. Recommended storage is at 2°C-8°C.


Ordering Information

Contact Bovogen Biologicals regarding availability and minimum order volume.

Product Information

Product: Bovine Fibrinogen


Origin: Australian#

Unit Size: 100g, 1kg

Shelf Life*: 3 years

Grade: Standard


(#) New Zealand origin may also be available.
(*) Expiration date shall be three (3) years from the month of manufacture