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Porcine Pancreatin

General Description: Pancreatin is a compound derived from the pancreas glands of animals and consists of a variety of enzymes inclusive of proteases, lipase and amylase.

Raw Material Origin: The raw materials of animal origin used in the manufacture of Bovogen Biologicals’ pancreatin are sourced from porcine pancreatic glands of Australian animals which have been veterinary ante- and post-mortem inspected and approved for human consumption.

Appearance: Liquid pancreatin has the appearance of a heavy emulsion where the precipitate settles on standing. Dried pancreatin is a cream to brown/tan coloured powder.

Applications: Applications for pancreatin include:

  • Tanning of leather hides
  • Nutraceuticals such as digestive aids where enzymic deficiencies exist
  • Hydrolysis of proteins used in food and dairy products
  • Manufacturing aid in certain food industries

Documentation: A Certificate of Analysis is supplied with all orders. A Certificate of Origin is also supplied for export orders.

Storage and Handling: Liquid, stabilised pancreatin is shipped and stored at ambient temperature. Powdered pancreatin  is shipped and stored at ambient temperature.

Ordering Information: 

Liquid Pancreatin

Powdered Pancreatin

Pack Size

Catalogue No.

Pack Size

Catalogue No.

5 litre

LPAN 5.0


PPAN 1.0

20 litre



PPAN 5.0

200 litre

LPAN 200



Other pack sizes available on request.

Variant forms of pancreatin can be manufactured to order in accordance with customer requirements or specifications.