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Bovine Transferrin

General Description: Bovogen Biologicals’ bovine transferrins in the apo, holo and partially saturated forms are produced from high quality Australian or New Zealand bovine serum or plasma collected only from healthy animals. These products are manufactured using a unique chromatographic process that ensures the product is always maintained at low temperature and neutral pH to assist in preventing denaturation or loss of biological activity, whilst simultaneously providing excellent solubility.

Transferrin acts as an iron carrier transporting essential iron from media to the cell during cell culture. It has been identified as one of the serum proteins critical to the culture of mammalian cells. One of the limitations of serum-free media is the availability of iron in a form that is bioavailable. The di-ferric form of iron in transferrin (2 atoms of iron per transferrin molecule) is the most bioavailable form for cells.

Transferrin also behaves as a sequestrant for toxic metal ions and will scavenge harmful polyvalent cations from solutions. It is also known to behave like a growth factor in cell culture improving the performance of cells in-vitro.

The concentration of transferrin used in cell culture will vary with the media and cell type but as a guide, the concentration should be between 10 - 200µg/ml. However, levels of transferrin between 100 - 200µg/ml may be required for rapidly metabolising Sp2 cells in monoclonal antibody production.

Bovogen Biologicals’ transferrins can be supplied in the apo, holo or partially saturated forms and are soluble in PBS, cell culture media or similar.

Raw Material Origin: Manufactured from the plasma or serum of animals of 100% Australian or New Zealand origin that have undergone veterinary ante- and post-mortem inspection and have been approved for human consumption.

Appearance: Colour dependent upon transferrin product type. Off-white to reddish coloured powder.

Applications: Applications for Bovine Transferrin include:

  • Mammalian cell culture critical nutrient
  • Monoclonal antibody production enhancement
  • Serum reduced or serum free media supplement
  • Cell culture growth factor reagent

Documentation: A Certificate of Analysis is supplied with all orders. A Certificate of Origin is also supplied for export orders.

Storage and Handling: Product is shipped at ambient temperature however, recommended storage is at 2-8°C.

Ordering Information:

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Other pack sizes available on request.