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Bovine Fetuin

General Description: Fetuin is a mixture of proteins and other compounds containing a wide range of growth and attachment factors normally found in foetal calf serum. The major protein components include α-1-glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 48.4kD. It is composed of approximately 74% protein with a carbohydrate moiety (sialic acid) attached. The other components in Fetuin include α-1 and α-2 globulins, ß-globulins and a variety of growth factors such as IGFs and FGFs.

Fetuin is a potent serine protease, trypsin-like inhibitor, with mitogenic capability and therefore an ability to facilitate cell attachment by inhibition of proteolytic activity. Fetuin enhances the growth of cells beyond the capacity of insulin, transferrin and selenium and therefore provides the benefits of foetal calf serum without actual serum supplementation.

Bovogen Biologicals’ bovine Fetuin is produced from selected, extensively tested serum where low bacterial and low haemoglobin contamination are a condition of use.

Bovogen Biologicals’ Fetuin is manufactured using a proprietary modified Peterson fractionation method. Following fractionation, the Fetuin is dialysed, sterile filtered and lyophilised prior to extensive testing before release.  

Raw Material Origin: Manufactured from the serum of animals of 100% Australian or New Zealand origin that have undergone veterinary ante- and post-mortem inspection in USDA accredited facilities, and have been approved for human consumption.

Appearance: Pale-cream to green coloured powder.

Applications: Applications for bovine Fetuin include:

  • Cell culture to enhance cell growth rates
  • Cell culture to increase protein production
  • Adherent cell culture to facilitate cell attachment
  • Serum reduced or serum free media supplement

Certificate of Suitability: The serum used in this process holds a Certificate of Suitability by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM).

Documentation: A Certificate of Analysis is supplied with all orders. A Certificate of Origin is also supplied for export orders.

Storage and Handling: Product is shipped at ambient temperature however, recommended storage is at 2-8°C.

Ordering Information:

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Other pack sizes available on request.