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Bovogen Biologicals is a leading manufacturer of a variety of Australian or New Zealand origin animal serum products which are supplied to the global life science communities.

In addition to the serum products manufactured ‘in-house' in Australia, Bovogen Biologicals has recognised the need for affordable high quality sources of Foetal Bovine Serum as an alternative to their premium Australian origin FBS. They have therefore augmented their FBS range by offering EU and USDA approved FBS manufactured outside of Australia.

Bovogen Biologicals also provides contract OEM serum processing and filtration services to meet specific customer requirements.


Bovogen Biologicals purchases raw, unprocessed serum from a variety of sources within Australia or New Zealand. The company then supplies or processes these raw products under strict GMP conditions to produce high quality sera products which comply with internal specifications or individual customer requirements.

Extensive testing of finished product then follows to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved.

Sterile Filtration

Animal serum/plasma product sub-lots are pooled and filtered through a series of depth filtration media followed by a terminal 0.2µm filter, or in the case of FBS, a terminal 0.1µm filter. These products are then aseptically dispensed into sterile 500ml - 1000ml PET bottles and immediately frozen and stored at ≤-20°C.

Filter materials conform to FDA regulations 21 CFR 211.72. They are made from materials FDA listed for contact with food and meet the specifications for biological safety as per the USP.

Gamma Irradiation

Bovogen Biologicals can also supply gamma irradiated animal serum/plasma products that have been processed in accordance with the customer's specific requirements.

Quality Testing and Assurance

The vast majority of our testing of animal serum and plasma products is completed by external, accredited laboratories to provide independence in relation to the reporting of finished product test results. Test results are available to customers to verify this independence and only those lots that meet our strict quality requirements are released for sale.


Complete collection and manufacturing records provide full traceability of Bovogen's animal serum/plasma products from the donor source or slaughterhouse, leaving no doubt as to the animals' origin.

Bovogen Biologicals animal serum products include the following:


Serum Product  Description  Catalogue No. 
Foetal Bovine Serum  Australian Origin SFBS  
Foetal Bovine Serum USDA or EU Approved
Non Australian Origin
Adult Bovine Serum Australian/New Zealand Origin RABS or SABS
Newborn Calf Serum  Australian/NewZealand Origin RNCS or SNCS
Equine Serum
 Australian Origin SDHS or SSHS
Porcine Serum
 Australian Origin RPS or SPS
Ovine Serum  Australian Origin RASS or SASS


bovogen foetal bovine serum   (Aus) foetal bovine serum brochure - download

foetal bovine serum eur brochure   
(USDA & EU approved) foetal bovine serum brochure - download